Organizing Partners

Key Speakers

Jan Van Betten

” This platform will create dialogue for bottom up change in finding solutions for the world most urgent challenges .”

David Bernard-Stevens

“Finding truth in a world full of illusions is one of the critical issues facing each of us in our lives… the challenge of course being that most do not recognize the illusions.”

Dennis Oddeny

“A New Generation Leader is not a destination to be pursued, but a constant daily way of life to be embraced with integrity and authenticity. My role is to be the example, hope and light to anyone who is ready and willing to walk to journey to remember who they are and reconnect to the life that calls to be lived through them”

Aart Bos

” I believe in unleashing your potential as a person and as professional in your business. Key is how to use this in society.”

Mart Veeken

“We playfully guide people towards a bright future. We have an vision-driven transformation approach that uses visual story telling to align, engage and activate your people in reaching your future goals”

Susan Wamae

“The original personal property of a leader is their attitude and personality”

Dennis De Weed

“Without triggering change, innovation would be a mere myth; creativity and
growth as well. At the Great Minds Challenge we would like to empower the youth towards this movement in the present”

Karin Boomsma

“For good ideas and true innovation for both the present and years to come, we are required to continuously transform, collaborate and learn from each other”

Madelon Barens

“The Future of Innovation and Sustainability is now, and certified experienced coaches will work with young talents from companies to make that a reality”